Mariano Rivera confirms that he will retire following the 2013 season

I really cant belive this he isnt that old and he is a great player. I think maybe he should just go ahead and play it safe and play at the lest 2 more seasons. What will this guy go after he leaves baseball. This decision will rip hi apart. Baseball isnt just a game its a passion. I can relate I am a pitcher as well. and i forgot to sign up one season in the fall and I just tottaly fell apart a time with out baseball is nothing. Whos with me PLAY More


It was reported earlier this week that Mariano Rivera intends to retire following the 2013 season, but he made it official this morning at a press conference at the Yankees’ spring training complex in Tampa.

In a room packed with teammates, members of the front office and the media, Rivera started by joking that Yankees general manager Brian Cashman gave him a two-year extension, but he soon cut to the chase.

“I’d love to tell you guys that after this year, I will be retired,” said Rivera, who called it a “privilege and honor” to spend his entire career in pinstripes.

Rivera confirmed today that he originally intended to retire after the 2012 season, but his plans changed after he suffered a season-ending right knee injury in May. While he turned 43 in November, he wants to go out on his own terms. He issued a warning to opposing hitters…

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